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Locked In Savings!!!

WRNU has savings everday, but some savings are just so good they're LOCKED IN!  Find locked in savings this week on some of the goods below.  Remember, at WRNU you Shop Right and Always Save!

Kristine's Show
We have the finest selection of prime meats in our Meat Dept.

Chris and Jay
Mixed nuts are located in the Produce Aisle.

Sergio's Show
A fresh sampling of deli from our Appy Dept.

Only the finest brands of ska around.

Marco's Punk and Ska Show
Some merchandise from our reduced bin.

Alan the Vampire
Pet supplies located in aisle 17.

The Musical Purgatory
A mixed salad from our fresh salad bar.

Ryan's SpHam Show
A WRNU alternative to the name brand, this one's even cheaper.

Jonah's Reggae Show
We have wonderful imported spices and foods all the time.

Dear Hakeem
Prophylactics can be found in our Pharmacy Dept.

Mason's Countdown
Some sales are so good, they're year round.

John and Danny
An assortment from our in store Bake Shop.

The M.I.B.
New items hit the shelves every night.

K Jazz

Tune in, turn it up, live it, love it, be it.  Those aren't mottos of ours, but it sounded cool.

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