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Store Management
Or as they say in some countries, our dicators

Without these five people, WRNU would never be able to function.  Learn who they are and what they do below:

Mason Nguyen - General Manager and RPM, Top 30, and Urban Director
May 1995 -

Anson Pope - Assistant General Manager/Business Manager and Loud Rock Director
January 1997 -

Ryan Verniere - Program Director
January 1997 -

Marco Lalli - Operations Manager
January 1997 -

Shidana (Chad) Montague - Personel Director
January 1997 -

To contact WRNU use the following:
WRNU Radio
350 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Newark, NJ  07102

(201) 648-5187 (business line)
(201) 648-5746 (request line)

When sending packages please be sure to address them to the proper director.

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