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Kristine's Show
In Real Audio

Our only real dj, Kristine.  Being the only girl at the station can get a little tough for Kristine, who has to suffer through typical male stuff, but she probably is more interested by our stupidity.  Recently Kristine spent weeks shooting material for her senior project, a documentary of life at WRNU.  We may give copies away.  Who knows, maybe a film director will pick Kristine up to shoot a major film.

Kristine knows what she's doing when in the booth.  Cueing, talking, preping, it's all there.  And all wrapped up in a wonderful package.  Kristine does her shows on Mondays at 2:30, and on Wednesdays at 1:00.  She also pops in for shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays from time to time.

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