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The Dear Hakeem Show
In Real Audio

Dear Hakeem began as a column in the Rutgers paper, The Observer.  Just this last semester Hakeem hit the radio station, and radio has never been the same.  Weekly, at 4:00 on Thursdays, Hakeem spews sex advice, rants on life, politics, society, sex, and he makes it a point to mention his 22 foot long penis.  He gets plenty of calls to keep things moving along, and has the most outlandish studio guests.

Besides being a media mogul on the Rutgers Campus, Hakeem is an acclaimed singer in his church choir (odd for a man who has been known to partake in orgies) and is working to get the Hakeem show on a much larger level with a true production force.

Hakeem is not alone in his weekly madness.  With every great radio host, comes sidekicks. Join Hakeem weekly as he makes radio questionable with Sound Effects Guy (Sergio), The M.I.B., Peter Paul, and Anson.

Watch out world, Hakeem is set to investigate your sexual depravity, call him to share some, 201.648.5764.

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