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Or as others say, our DJ's

From Cashiers to Baggers . . .  um wait a minute, this is a radio station isn't it?  Let's try this again, our dj's . . .

This is where you would come to meet our staff.  As of yet we don't have pictures or bios, but expect them soon.  If you want you can click on their names and you'll just come to a blank page.  But hey, it's mindless hours of fun!!!  Actually if you find the one bio that is up, you win a free CD!!!  I swear.  If you find it, send email to, leave your address and we'll send that thing off.

Krisitne Chris Gimbel Jay Rounsaville DJ K Jazz
Sergio Alexadre Marco Lalli Jack Sheerin Alan Pracher
Anson Pope Ryan Verniere Jonah David Dear Hakeem
Mason Nuygen John Smith Your Name Your Name

Expect pictures of all our freaky dj's soon.  And expect some kick ass, self written. conceited bios.  If you want further info on WRNU, email us at

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