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Anson Pope
DJ of The Musical Purgatory

     Radio is nothing new to Anson.  His first stint in the college radio scene was at WPSM at Penn State McKeesport. Beginning as a paranoid, frightened, dj, he went on to become General Manager and Program Director within a year.  His staff called him a God.  In the one year that Anson held his position at WPSM the station turned around.  With his staff, Anson produced and hosted two highly successful concerts on the Penn State Campus.  Unfortunatly, a student is only to spend two years at a commonwealth campus of Penn State, and in 1995, Anson left for Rutgers in Newark.

     On his very first day of school, Anson entered WRNU and signed up to dj. He was told at the time that to dj, there was a full semester of training, and then you could actually have a show.  Due to scheduling, Anson could not dj.  In September of 1996, Anson went to WRNU again.  This time he got a show and took off.  The Musical Purgatory first aired in October of 1996.

     As staff of WRNU moved on to bigger things, Anson pushed his way in to take over for Rob Cavallo as Loud Rock programmer, and Business Manager.  Within two weeks Anson contacted every record label he could and has begun the difficult task of making the station more accessible to labels and musicians than ever.  There have been interviews with Gravity Kills, Martin Atkins of Pigface, and Gus Chambers of Grip Inc, all thanks to Anson.

     Aside from his own show, Anson is the audio tech for everyone at the station.  He sets up the reels for taping, checks levels, makes sure the equipment works, and runs around when the phone lines go apeshit.  From soldering wires to fix up years of neglect, to reprogramming the station's computer, there seems to be nothing Anson can't do.  Currently he can be found doing The Musical Purgatory at sporadic times.  He also does regular guest spots on the Dear Hakeem show, and the Chris and Jay Show.

     How much more conceited can I get!!!

-Anson Pope
 April, 1997

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